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World Cup
List of Ranks
Private Island
Merlin: grats Teost!

Staircase: well played

The battle has finished: 550
have been awarded to 44 players. The 15 surviving Dreamers plundered 26k 906, 46k 800, 53 901.

Ming Yu is now #21 on the List of Ranks.
Zomba is now #25 on the List of Ranks.
Teost is now #60 on the List of Ranks.
Japan is now #6 in World Cup.

The battle has finished: 413
have been awarded to 52 players. The 22 surviving Bashers plundered 9k 906, 34k 800, 8 901.

Bamaka is now #16 on the List of Ranks.
Grizzly is now #28 on the List of Ranks.
Svatantr is now #214 on the List of Ranks.
Guatemala is now #39 in World Cup.

The battle has finished: 531
have been awarded to 53 players. The 20 surviving Bashers plundered 14k 906, 26k 800, 30 901.

Mulyadi is now #25 on the List of Ranks.
Augusto is now #34 on the List of Ranks.
Mandini is now #48 on the List of Ranks.
Philippines is now #8 in World Cup.

The battle has finished: 423
have been awarded to 46 players. The 20 surviving Bashers plundered 13k 906, 34k 800, 12 901.

Terminator is now #16 on the List of Ranks.
Nenad is now #84 on the List of Ranks.
Khijir is now #86 on the List of Ranks.
The battle has finished: 594
have been awarded to 48 players. The 20 surviving Miners plundered 16k 906, 47k 800, 33 901.

Bamaka is now #15 on the List of Ranks.
Spoon is now #40 on the List of Ranks.
Snowy is now #46 on the List of Ranks.
4Stonemat has achieved Famous rank.
The battle has finished: 610
have been awarded to 51 players. The 19 surviving Stoics plundered 11k 906, 29k 800, 19 901.

Monde is now #30 on the List of Ranks.
Butiki is now #132 on the List of Ranks.
Tonyc is now #144 on the List of Ranks.
The battle has finished: 537
have been awarded to 52 players. The 12 surviving Stoics plundered 10k 906, 25k 800, 19 901.

Slamet is now #49 on the List of Ranks.
Haissam is now #52 on the List of Ranks.
Stonemat is now #61 on the List of Ranks.
Romania is now #39 in World Cup.

Hungary is now #57 in World Cup.
Level 0
increases speed & jump power
increases health & reduces hunger
increases energy & improves gathering
increases all damages & bow range
Yenemy Controls
Foraging & Mining
Weapons & Armor
Clan Members
Clan Colors
Castle Construction
Production Buildings
Temple & Dragon
XP & Levels
Battle Stars
Trophy Room
Yenemy Controls

On desktop or laptop, press W or Up arrow to move towards mouse pointer, press Space to jump/sprint, click to gather or attack. Press A or D to strafe, S to backwalk away from mouse pointer. Press ~ for continuous movement.

On mobile, use left-hand joystick to move around and right-hand button to jump; tap to attack or gather.

Battle maps are constructed so that you can get to any point from any direction: there are no invisible walls, map corners, etc.

Moving in deserts, snowlands and water is slower than moving in grasslands.

Pumping your Agility skill up speeds you up a lot.

Foraging & Mining

You can forage berries and wood with bare hands: come to a bush or a tree and click or tap.

To mine stone, ore and coal use a stick or pickaxe; gold mining requires a pickaxe.

Accidentally, you might obtain:
- sedge or berry seed when foraging bushes
- fiber when foraging palm trees
- iron or coal when mining stone
- gold when mining iron or coal
- wheat seed when digging sedge

If you are playing on desktop or laptop, click middle mouse button for continuous gathering, on mobile - double tap.


Berries can be gathered from bushes, nuts can incidentally fall when foraging green trees.

Food is consumed automatically from the leftmost available spot.

Berries are less nourishing than nuts.

If your health is not full or you are in the desert, more food will be consumed.

Also, stock up your food before going into snowlands.

Vitality skill reduces food consumption.


Drag and drop items to move around or combine stacks of a kind.

First two slots are reserved for weapon and armor - drag and drop from other slots to the first two to equip.

On desktop/laptop you can also use hotkeys 1, 2, 3 ... 9 to equip an item from the inventory.

If you have both wooden and metal arrows, press "-" to switch their positions in your inventory.

Double-click or double-tap on an inventory item to split it or disassemble.

Come close, then drag and drop an item from you inventory onto your clanmate to give away.

Weapons & Armor

Stick is both your first weapon and your first tool; it is made of wood that you forage with bare hands.

After you gather one fiber and some stone, you can upgrade your stick to a spear. Sword and Labrys are made of iron and gold, respectively.

Once crafted, drag and drop your weapon into the first slot of your inventory to equip. Strength skill increases damage of your attacks and improves range of your bow.

When using a bow, hold and release your mouse or tap to draw the string and shoot. You need arrows for archery; metal arrows are more powerful than wooden ones.

Cloth armor is made from fiber and helps well against weaker monsters. Iron armor needs a lot of iron to be crafted and is really good for PvP as well as being safe when mining advanced resources.

Once crafted, drag and drop your armor into the second slot of your inventory to equip.


Stick is good for beginners to mine stone and some ore, as well as for faster wood foraging.

Iron pickaxe is good for mining everything and very fast wood foraging.

With a shovel, you can dig large amounts of sedge in the wild and seed wheat or berries on the clan farm. Shovel is crafted from spear, iron and fiber.

Spears and swords are not good for gathering.

Clan Members

Clanmates are chosen randomly at the start of each battle and they are marked on your mini-map.

When all of clan members are defeated, the clan is reduced to ruins and eliminated.

Clan Colors

Color of your clan is chosen randomly at the start of each battle and defines special abilities of all clan members:

- Red clan (Bashers): +25% strength; quickly level up on monsters and hunt down all the enemies for an early win

- Yellow clan (Runners): +25% agility; explore the map, spot enemy clans, easily run away from foes, and forage berries

- Blue clan (Miners): +25% stamina; produce a lot of weapons and armor for clanmates

- Green clan (Stoics): +25% vitality; survive more damage in fights and less likely to starve

- Brown clan (Builders): -60% cost on all constructions; build a strong castle fast and concentrate on offense

- Orange clan (Farmers): 50% hunger reduction + shovels, berries at start; build a farm and weavery and get cloth armor and plenty of food for the clan

- Purple clan (Dreamers): x3 dragon power + possible gold ore at start; start melting gold and epically defeat other clans

Castle Construction

To defend your temple, build walls around it and leave extra space for production buildings.

Walls can be constructed on the castle flooring; new floor tiles can be placed adjacent next to existing ones.

Once your clan starts producing iron, place trebuchet towers on the top of your clan walls.

To load with ammo, come close to a trebuchet tower and turn towards it, then drag and drop stones from your inventory into an ammo slot or onto the tower.

Construct barrels to store extra food, weapons, ammo, and materials for the clanmates who will stop by at the castle. Each barrel can contain only one type of good.

Production Buildings

The buildings in your castle can be constructed to make various goods and crafting components.

Forge produces iron: come close to the building and turn towards it, then drag and drop your ore and coal into the slots or onto the building. If your clan`s forge is shining then you are set. One iron bar needs 10 ore and 10 coal.

Coal Maker is not really a building, but it does produce coal. The more wood you place in the maker, the faster and more coal will be made.

Weavery makes one fiber from ten sedge. Fiber is needed for bows, spears, shovels and both types of armor.

Goldsmithy melts gold into ingots; ingots are used to summon Dragon - your nuke in the world of Yenemy.

Temple & Dragon

Your clan starts with the temple built with engraving of the dragon in the colors of your clan.

If the temple is even slightly hit by a monster or an enemy player, then the clan and all its members are defeated.

At the start of battle, temples are protected for several minutes, and the timer is shown above the temple. You will receive a quick message, when 5 minutes or 1 minute under protection left, and you will hear a gong when temple protection is over.

Once your goldsmithy produced or you managed to loot ingots from foes or treasures, bestow the ingots into the temple and, when you are ready, summon a dragon by clicking on the output slot.

The more ingots are bestowed, the stronger your dragon is. For example, 1 ingot makes it a decorative butterfly, 200-ingot dragon will take care of all your foes.

If you play for the Purple clan (Dreamers), the dragon will be 3 times stronger.


You can accidentally find a treasure with valuable goods and even Yenemy Coins while digging random ground in deserts and snowlands.

Also, search for shipwreck on the shores and debris in the water, they may contain something useful unless already looted.

XP & Levels

During a battle you receive XP for foraging, mining and defeating monsters and enemy players.

Defeating enemy players gives you half of their total XP. Your XP bar is at the bottom of the screen, and when the bar fills, you level up.

Your current level is shown in the rank icon
left to your name. You can check levels of your clanmates and enemies in the battle leaderboard.


You receive one free skill point for every level. Click
and click on a skill to improve it.

Strength: increases damage you deal in a fight and range of your bow.

Agility: improves your speed and makes you jump farther.

Stamina: increases your maximum energy and gathering efficiency.

Vitality: increases your maximum health and reduces food consumption.

Battle Stars

If you survive the battle and your clan wins, then your level converts into Battle Stars one-to-one. For example, if at the time of victory you are Level 12, then you receive 12 Battle Stars.

If you are defeated, but your clan wins, then your level converts into Battle Stars two-to-one. For example, if at the time of defeat you are Level 12, then you receive 6 Battle Stars.

If your clan is defeated, then your level in the battle will convert to Battle Stars three-to-one. For example, if at the time of defeat you are Level 12, then you receive 4 Battle Stars.

The stars are awarded at the end of battle, and notifications about battle results are sent to your in-game Inbox.


The main sources of coins are Daily, Weekly and Monthly tournaments, and, respectively, the coins are awarded at the end of each day, week and month.

Coins you receive depend on two factors: your Battle Stars (obtained during current day, week or month) and place in respective tournament. Projected awards are displayed in the charts of the Tournaments section.

The higher is your place in a tournament, the better your Battle Stars convert to coins. If you manage to maintain your place in a tournament during a day, week, or month, then your projected coins will convert (respectively, at the end of day, week or month) to actual coins just as displayed in the chart of the Tournaments section.

The tournaments are designed so that even lowest ranking players receive a coin at the end of day. To receive your first coin in a given day, week, or month, you only need to receive one Battle Star.

You are automatically enrolled in Daily, Weekly and Monthly tournaments, and no additional action is needed to participate.

Rank-based daily wages are another source of coins. Tolerated can claim 1 coin every day, Familiar - 2 coins, Respected - 3 coins, Famous - 4 coins, Glorious - 5 coins.

Trophy Room

The Trophy Room contains Achievements and Upgrades.

Achievements track your progress in all Yenemy aspects and provide rewards to claim when a new achievement tier is reached.

Upgrades can be purchased for Yenemy coins and are permanent: their effects are applied to all battles.


As your all-time Battle Stars achieve a new threshold, you are granted a new rank.

The ranks are
- Unknown: less than 10 Battle Stars
- Tolerated: 10+ Battle Stars
- Familiar: 100+ Battle Stars
- Respected: 1,000+ Battle Stars
- Famous: 10,000+ Battle Stars
- Glorious: 100,000 Battle Stars

Achieving a new rank awards extra coins and a "scare-your-enemies" exclusive icon next your name both in battles and in Yenemy chat.

Click or tap List of Ranks in the Tournaments section to see your progress.


Good in-team communication might be the key for winning.

Press Enter on desktop or tap
on mobile to open quick message window. Type your message and click Enter again to send.

Use pre-defined buttons under quick message window to ask you clanmates to share food or help with mobs or call everyone back to clan for the defence.

Once you send a quick message, your clanmates will see your location flashing on their mini-maps.

If you type . in the beginning of your message, it will be delivered to all players including foes.


Stepping back and attacking at the same time is a good tactics for archers and spearmen.

Try to avoid fights when you are low on food.

Be reserved when taking away form productions and barrels: split it in the inventory, keep only what`s needed, return the rest.

When you are low on food ask clanmates to share. When a clanmate asks to share food, do it.

Stay away from lava during night time.

Use your clan`s special ability wisely.

Whether against mobs or enemy players, several fighters are stronger than one.
Desktop WASD Controls
Basic (W is up)
Yenemy (W is toward mouse)
Battle Chat
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